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Fancy discovering Austria?

Locals and visitors love Austria for its mountains and lakes, its sights and monuments, its capital Vienna and Salzburg, home of Mozart. Steep and breathtaking mountaintops in the Alps, rich vineyards in the slopes of the Wachau region, picturesque wetlands along the Danube River and smooth hills at the Alpine foothills characterise the multifaceted Austrian landscape. Top this off with excellent cuisine and tasty beers and you may just feel like you’re in heaven.

In terms of agriculture and quality standards, Austria scores highly in all areas. Farms are traditionally operated by families, featuring innovative practices with a focus on specialty products and direct marketing. Austria is a global leader in the areas of organic farming and renewable energy. Being an Alpine country, a high proportion of Austria’s farming is mountain farming, characterized by green grassland. Accordingly, animal husbandry and dairy farming play a major role. As a result of the high proportion of privately owned forests, many Austrian farmers are foresters as well. The Eastern part of the country provides perfect conditions for arable farms. The Pannonian Continental climate is ideal for the cultivation of crops, corn, sugar beet, rape, sunflowers and fruits. Pig and turkey farming also play an important role in this region. The Southern and Eastern parts of the country are famous for its viticulture, featuring a broad variety of wines: crisp to powerful white wines and fruity to heavy red wines leave nothing to wish for.

Tailor-made agricultural study trips in accordance with your ideas and wishes are our forte.

Our fields of specialization are, amongst others:

  • agriculture
  • animal husbandry
  • dairy farming
  • forestry
  • renewable energy
  • direct marketing
  • viticulture
  • fruit production
  • horticulture

Discover Austria with AGRIA. We guarantee you a comprehensive insight into the characteristics of Austrian agriculture. We gladly enrich your itinerary with touristic sights, local nature and culture. Situated in the heart of Europe, we also organize trips to several European countries.